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P1 Numeracy



DAILY – Rmeasimaths – approximately 10 minutes.


Click on the link below to complete the January calendar.



  • Look for blue things in your home or your environment.



  • Rote counting forwards from 0-5 and 0-10 and beyond.
  • Rote count backwards from 5-0 / 10-0. Try 11-0 etc. 


Throughout the week try the following:

PRACTICAL - Use your digit cards that you printed from our Homework Section or make a set of your own to:

  • Sequence all of your digit cards forwards.
  • Sequence all of your digit cards backwards.


NUMBER FOCUS: W.A.L.T. Recognise and write the number 6.

Click on the following link to carry out tasks about the Story of 6.


There is a lesson pack that can be downloaded too. No need to print it. 



  • Use your finger to write the number 6 in the air.
  • Use your finger to write the number 6 on someones back.
  • If you have shaving foam at home, ask an adult to put it on the table and write the number 6 in it!
  • When you go outside to play try to gather some small twigs and sticks to make the number 6. 
  • Practise writing number 6’s on a page.
  • Draw 6 raindrops. Colour them in blue.
  • Make number 6’s with playdough.
  • Try to make sets of 6 in different ways, e.g. 5 socks / 1 shoe; 4 pencils and 2 pens; 3 apples and 3 bananas, etc.

SHAPE FOCUS: W.A.L.T. Recognise a rectangle

  • Use your Pupil Support Book to revise the names of 2D and 3D shapes. 
  • Our new shape is the rectangle. Look for rectangles in your home and in your environment. Discuss: number of corners, number of sides, how many long sides? How many short sides?



PROBLEM SOLVING STRATEGY: W.A.L.T. Solve problems by making a list or table.

Try the following: 

  • Make lists of numbers ‘before’ / ‘after’ 5. (numbers within 10).
  • EXTENSION: Make lists of numbers ‘before’ / ‘after’ 10. (numbers within 20).