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P1 Literacy




  • Read your word cards and word books.
  • Ask an adult to read one of your favourite story books. Continue to focus on recognising the difference between a letter, a word and a sentence plus recognising the difference between a line of writing and a sentence. Can you find any words in your story book that begins with our new sound ‘r’? Can you retell your story from start to finish in your own words?  
  • Listen to the story ‘Ridiculous’. (See link below). This links to our new WAU topic on ‘Winter’ and our PDMU.
    Can you retell this story from start to finish in your own words? 
    Talk about the different characters and how they feel.  
    What do you like about the snow?
  • Check out the link below on a non-chronological report about tortoises.
    Other activities to carry out this week.
    Click on Useful Links section to access 'Starfall' / 'Letter Formation' websites to reinforce letter formation, letter sounds and words.
  • Use your finger to write this letter in the air.
  • Use your finger to write this letter on someones back.
  • If you have shaving foam at home, ask an adult to put it on the table and write lots of letter r’s in it - great fun! 
  • When you go outside to play try to gather some small twigs and sticks / then make the letter r and maybe a capital R too. Take some photos!
  • Practise writing the letter ‘r’. Say the letter name and the sound as you write.
  • If you have chalk, go outside and write the letter ‘r’.
  • Find the letter ‘r’ in books and in your picture dictionary.
  • Use your picture dictionary to find pictures beginning with 'r'. Draw and label three pictures for example ‘rat’, ‘rug’ / ‘ram’.