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31/01/21 Note from Miss Hoy

Sunday 31st January 2021


Good afternoon to all our parents and guardians and a great big HELLO to you, Primary One! I hope you continue to remain happy, healthy and safe. Miss Rooney and I miss you so much. 


Another week has gone by and we had lots of different weather again - the wind blew over some of my plants! I am still walking and I made some millionaires’ shortbread - delicious! laugh I saw lots of starlings over the weekend and one little red robin continues to visit my garden every day! How many birds did you count? Make sure you get lots of exercise, PLAY, bake, walk and continue to spend time in your garden. We are all striving to do our best and I can see by all the amazing photographs, that you are doing your very best at home P1. Thanks again for everything, I am so proud of you! yes


Your home learning activities for the week are set out as before, along with some extra web links. In our WAU section we are now going to focus on the Arctic. I love this topic! I can’t believe tomorrow is the 1st February! It is the start of Children’s Mental Health Week ( the Theme is “Express Yourself”) but it’s also St. Brigid’s Day! In class I usually make a St. Brigid’s cross. I didn’t get a chance to collect any rushes so I made a few using pipe cleaners. There is a tradition that you can carry out tonight, the night before St. Brigid’s day- put out a small cloth or a piece of fabric for example a ribbon, for St. Brigid to bless. Take it back into the house and keep it safe. I do this every year! laugh


Once again boys and girls, please take care and stay safe. Keep sending in your photos and continue to do your best. I’ve added another wee certificate for you below and a few links for your parents / guardians. I will continue to check in on a daily basis with a little note or reminder on our ‘Daily message from Miss Hoy’ section and I am looking forward to seeing you all on our Monday morning Zoom at 9:30am. I will talk about the work I have set for you this week, plus I’ll call out our new Star of the week as well! winkThe link is the same as our zoom Assembly. 



Miss you very much boys and girls.


God bless.heart


Miss Hoy x