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17/01/2021 Note from Miss Hoy

Sunday 17th January 2021


Hello again to all our parents and guardians and a great big shout out to all my P1 boys and girls!laugh


I hope you all continue to remain safe and well. My family and I and Miss Rooney and her family are all well too, thank God. I was in school a lot last week and the place is just not the same without you. Two little robins dropped by to our playground to say hello. I’ve added a little photo below! The Great British Bird watch is coming up soon, I’m looking forward to that! smiley


Your photos for the website are fantastic, thank you. It’s lovely to see how busy you have been. I enjoyed our Fridays Zoom assembly (even though I was a little bit nervous). Seeing your little faces and hearing your voices made my day and my weekend! I can’t wait to see you again this Friday! wink


I went for a walk every day and a longer one on Saturday-I ended up getting very wet, as it rained a lot! frown


I’m getting used to my daily routine now and I hope you are too. Please continue to get lots of exercise, carry out fun and creative things with your family, PLAY and continue to do your very best with your school activities, which I have no doubt you will! Remember to do what you can, no pressure, every family is different. I’ve made you another little certificate for all your hard work, which you can click on below - I am so proud of you all!yes


Your activities continue to be set out in different sections and I’ve added some more web links for you to use. I will continue to check in on a daily basis with a little note or reminder on our ‘Daily message from Miss Hoy’ section. Our ‘Grow in Love’ section has now a link to its website. You can log in for free, to carry out the religious activities I’ve set for you. When I’m in school tomorrow I’m going to pick out a Star of the Week. Some of you didn’t get a chance to be star before, so keep your fingers crossed! wink I’ll let you all know as soon as I can. laugh

Looking forward to seeing more photographs of you all. 


Once again boys and girls, please take care and stay safe. Have a great week. 

Miss you lots. 


God bless.heart


Miss Hoy x