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11th-15th January

Week Beginning Monday 11th January


Every family has different circumstances and what works for one will not work for another. I have laid out work daily but it can be done just whenever you get a chance.  Please remember you do not have to complete everything, The work is merely a guide. Do what suits your personal circumstances the best.  Accelerated Reading, Lexia and RMeasimaths can continue to be used. 


Don’t forget to send in some pictures of your work or if you have any questions/queries you can get in touch with me by emailing rreavey141@c2kni.


WAU - World Around Us

Animal Classification.

Animals can be grouped according to their characteristics. In school we learn about MR FAB and I.

Mammals, Reptiles, Fish, Amphibians, Birds and Insects. We look at why they are grouped the way they are.

Discuss the posters with your child and help them complete the worksheet asking them where they would place each animal and why.

Watch BBC bitesize clips

Monday 11th

Spellings/Mental Maths - ongoing


Literacy - Reading

Yellow YoYos - Dad's Bag

Purple Panthers - Free Snot Broth

Red Rascals/Green Goblins - Amba's Birthday Surprise

Blue Bookworms - Alexander's Adventure


Numeracy - Mon/Tues

Elephant addition/subtraction sheet

Daily quicks

Word problems - optional


Tuesday 12th


"air" spellings

Read Clair at the fair to your child. Can they hear words that make the air sound?

What are they? Children who can read it independently can colour the air words.

Can you make some of your spellings using sound boxes?

Choose 3 and write a sentence with them.


Numeracy - finish elephant addition and subtraction.

Remember to use your 100 square if you need to!




Literacy - Write a report all about you.

You can use the pages provided or you can write it into your book using the same headings.

Add illustrations.


Numeracy - Animal Tangrams

Have fun making different animals with your shapes.

Can you make any of your own?



The Zoo Vet - differentiated reading comprehension

Chose the most suitable for your child. Yellow Yo-Yos reading group can be read to and asked the questions orally.



Use a table - Number facts