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St Colman's Bann Primary School

Jesus Others Yourself

Primary 2 Gummy Bear



This month we are learning to:

  • Spell CVC words e.g. hat, box, sit etc.

  • Read and spell High Frequency words.

  • Identify and suggest rhyming words.

  • Recount orally and in writing, activities we do and stories we read.


This month we are learning to:

  • Recognise, read and write numbers within 20/50.

  • Add 0, 1 and 2 within 10/20.

  • Read o’clock times in analogue and digital.

  • Solve problems based on the strategy ‘Using equipment and acting out’, ‘Guess, check and improve’.

World Around Us

This month we are:

  • Recalling our birthday traditions.

  • Exploring Halloween and Divali.


    Thinking skills and personal capabilities

    This month we are learning to:

  • Talk about what we are doing and what we have learned.

  • Focus and persist with tasks.

  • Talk about our likes and dislikes.

  • Make choices and decisions.

  • Ask for help from a friend, my teacher or teaching assistant.

We are learning to use the listening centre

We are learning to draw a self portrait on the Interactive White Board